Technology has a way of sneakily wiring itself into your life (metaphorically of course - as if anyone uses wires anymore - jeez!) - before you know it you're walking round the streets guided by instructions from a little box held in your hand, or it's telling you when to wake up, or how to work out, or what to eat, or it's your mums birthday. In fact we spend more time looking at screens than each other. Quick, go look at a person!

In fact the 'future' has a way of creeping up on us and, without getting into any sort of time philosophy, we seem to end up living in it without realising what on earth happened - like waking up after a night out, and not really understanding who you are or what's going on.

So we're starting a regular feature called 'living in the future' which will catalogue the new technology that's bumping us a little closer towards having pet robots and predicting crime before it happens. This way when Skynet finally takes over and we find ourselves plugged into a matrix ruled by robotic overlords we have a blog that's essentially one big 'I told you so'.

To start it off this week is clothes store Benetton and their slightly 1984 mannequins...

Source: Mashable.