The world has been a-buzz recently with the excitement of 3D printers - where you're able to print pretty much anything you can scan, from complex machine parts to your own nose (if these take off, we can't wait to see the pranks (and parts) printed...) but a couple of days ago a new piece of 3D kit premiered that caught the world's attention. It's a pen that let's you draw straight to 3D. It's called '3Doodler' and really is beautifully simple.

Imagine an architect being able to sketch out a model of a house, or a doctor teaching his med students human anatomy almost as it actually appears. Is this even drawing it sculpting? Building maybe? 3D modelling?

3Doodler has currently got over half a million pounds worth of funding from Kickstarter (far over it's $30,000 target), and has caught much attention from the press - especially as it's only going to cost you $75 - peanuts in comparison to the cost of 3D printing machines. Some are questioning it's uses, asking whether it's only use is making pretty models - but we're excited to see what the possibilities could be.