Late last year Amnesty international New Zealand launched a facebook app called 'Trial by Timeline'. A few days ago I let it assess my account.

I'm usually quite protective over my Facebook, I don't want the spotify app broadcasting any dodgy music choices I make and no game I play will be informing my friends of inability to win anything. Any app that requests access to my information usually falls at the first hurdle.

Yet a positive review from a friend, a good cause, and a heavy case of curiosity led me to click accept and watch as the app trawled through my Facebook freely.

As it read through my posts, my photos, my information and my account it was tallying up my various activities, and once it was complete it told me how many laws I'd broken in countries which would see me beaten, tortured and killed. It was a terrifying amount and I was punished in many cases simply for being female.

The horrors of the information aside the app is truly great, it demonstrated to me just how awful conditions are in some countries and pushed me to share my results and Amnesty's message.

So if you have a few minutes, and are brave enough to face up to your crimes...have a go: