April 1st no longer means a bucket on top of the door or a prank phonecall - the small stuff just doesn't cut it anymore. Since big brands got involved April fools has become a chance for to companies to show the world that they too possess a sense of humour as well as some creative muscle. And this year was no different - there was a whole range of japes and hi-jinks to smirk, giggle and email to friends hoping the more gullible would attempt to search via sniff (thanks Google) - or try and book tickets on the first glass bottomed plane (well done Virgin). In no particular order here are our top 5 pranks of 2013.

1. Twttr - the consonant only twitter service 

Twitter, sorry twttr, announced that they'd offering a consonant only service from now on - but for a mere $5 a month you could purchase vowels to aid your tweets. Absltly wndrfl.

2. Gmail Blue

Gmail...but blue. That's it. Simple and reasonably silly idea, but presented in such a wonderfully believable video.

3. BMW Pram

Just in time for the royal baby BMW rushed to fill a huge gap in the market, announcing a pram that's kind of also a car. I think the corgis really make it.

4. Youtube - one big competition.

You didn't think youtube was a place to host videos did you!? Silly thing - it's actually a competition to find the best video in the world.  What will it be? 'Cat waking up', 'woman falling over'? Who knows!?

5. Metro goes minimal on pope reporting

And finally the Metro chose to run a hilarious 'live blog' perfectly capturing the process of choosing a new pope.

Spot any more particularly great pranks that deserve recognition? Comment or tweet us!

Happy April 2nd everyone.