The tech world is a jungle. Growing in its shade are wonderful, beautiful and often strange things. In October 2012, as a quiet vine began to bloom amongst the weeds a hungry blue bird swept down and swallowed it whole only to fly off tweeting happily. This laboured metaphor is of course about social media giant Twitter quietly purchasing film making app 'Vine' last year. With much nurturing, and the warm glow of the computer monitor, Vine has finally begun blossoming (sorry).

So what is Vine?

It's an app for iPhone that takes a pictures and transforms them into 6 seconds of film. You can then add audio and share via Twitter or Facebook presumably to show all your friends how you're probably the next Spielberg.

All jokes aside, the really exciting thing about Vine is it's potential, the brief is no longer to create entertainment in 140 characters - it's about doing it in 6 seconds. Tribeca film festival in New York have actually called for Vine entries this year recognising how Vine could be a great place for emerging creative talent to show off their story telling.

Vine means a new arena for people and brands to show off. It will undoubtably come with its own set of rules and codes and as it continues to grow it will be interesting to see not only what we can do with 6 seconds, but what succeeds. Companies will have to up their game in attention grabbing work - boring filler and bland jargon just aren't going to cut it in 6 seconds.