It's joked that in today's world we worship technology, phones in hand, bowed to the altar of the internet, but a recent research report has actually revealed the Google is as trusted as the Church by the UK population. The report also revealed that supermarkets are trusted even more than the church and Google - 19% of people of 2000 said they trusted Sainsburys and Tesco, in comparison to 17% trusting Google and the Church.

So now it's on record - brands are officially beating religions: faith is now placed in the brand book, not the bible. Are our hymns 'i'm lovin' it?'? I sincerely hope we're not going to be chanting the go compare song anytime soon.

It's a powerful statistic and although the hold of religion on the UK population has loosened in recent years it is proof that the shops are busier than the churches. Maybe we would rather buy new shoes than attend confession.

It also seems a testimony that building and managing a brand carefully is vital. Religion offers eternal life, salvation and peace...Sainsburys offers a large variety of orange juice - yet Sainsburys has more worshippers. Maybe the church needs to call in the PR team.