3D printing is great. You can choose virtually any shape and simply print it using some clever technology and a bit of chemistry. But having a 3D printer for personal use always seemed way off  like 'oh yeah i'll just print off a new helmet so I can ride my hoverboard to work'. But as ever, the future decided not to wait for us and just arrived on the doorstep with no courtesy warning phonecall. Knock, knock - it's Staples, that big stationery place, and we're going to start selling 3D printers in America! To anyone!

And as we all know, what follows on from the US...us.

The printer system they've chosen as their starter is called Cube. They're quite snazzy looking, compact and will fit on your desk, next to your other, now more pathetic-looking printer. Oh and they come in a range of colours so your printer can co-ordinate with you magenta office.

But one of the more important factors - they come basically ready to use, no cryptic mensa-level instruction manual just load up your materials, choose a template (there's 25 free and you can download more via wi-fi) and you'll be one terrifying step closer to printing out a helmet for your hoverboard.

They're capable of printing objects 14 x 14 x 14cm and you can choose from 16 colours.

Our questions remain - when will we see them in the UK?

And...what would you print first?

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