In a world of tailored advertising, age targeting is nothing new. However, the ability to separately address two (or possibly more) different age groups in a single campaign is! The Spanish organisation Fundación ANAR, also known as Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk, created a groundbreaking campaign to both raise awareness of child abuse, and secretly contact children who may be in the presence of their abuser. Without doubt, it has certainly raised some eyebrows.

Using a process known as lenticular photography, Fundación ANAR made various aspects of their advert only visible to those below a certain height. Lenticular photography works through creating an image that lets viewers see one of several photos depending on their angle of observation. Through correlating average height with age, and thereby observation angles, it allows for the advert to target specific age groups.

In Fundación ANAR’s particular case, anyone above the average height of a 10-year-old, 4 feet 5 inches, saw a boy with an unmarked face whilst below this height the image of a boy with a bruised face as well as the hotline number was seen.

Whilst this technology has now been used to successfully raise awareness of child abuse, this new form of “secret” age specific targeting raises a multitude of questions and possibilities for the business world. Ideas from extremely targeted adverts, for example for those with growth disorders, to adverts that have age limits and are therefore blocked out to those below a certain height have all been flying around.

The over-riding question of how businesses will go on to utilise this new technology to create multiple audience specific adverts in one space remains however. This is definitely one to watch.