In this short series of blogs we’ve already explored how gesture control works and what it can do for your brand. But is gesture control just a flash in the pan or is it here to stay?

Gesture control is already being used to control computers, robots and vehicles in engaging and intuitive ways. This makes it an attractive tool for everyone from the military to musicians looking to expand their sonic palettes.

Where gesture control gets really exciting is in the worlds of virtual reality and augmented reality. These developments add a digital layer to physical experiences, and gesture control will form a large part of how we navigate these experiences in future.

bmore is already using gesture control to help clients have a bigger impact in conferences and other physical settings, and the possibilities are expanding all the time. As gesture control becomes more widespread in our homes, brands will be looking to make these immersive experiences more universal.

Check back in with us soon to find out more about these new technologies and what they mean for the future of brands.

Image courtesy of Stuff.