As you walked through Digital Revolution exhibition it was like walking through time starting with games, synth music and computing from my childhood and before and ending up looking and playing with interactive arts, creative coding and even wearable tech for the future! It was an archeology of computing. This exhibition is a playground for not only the 'computer geeks' amongst us but for everyone. You can’t help but to become immersed into everything that surrounds you and marvel at how far we have come digitally and what this means for the future.

There was far too much for me to cover everything so below I shall mention my top few:

1) The Treachery of Sanctuary

In the State of Play section Chris Milk's Treachery of Sanctuary shows us how gesture control and camera technologies can be used to involve the viewer making them create the final outcome. After a few attempts, including me only managing to create a one winged bird version of myself, I nailed it and stood happily flapping my wings along to a lovely sound effect of feathers.

2) CuteCircuit’s iMiniskirt

This is possibly wearable tech at its most gimmicky. The iMiniskirt is a skirt which you can tweet messages to and see them pass across the skirts fabric made up of little lights. Even though I can not see why anyone would wear this other then Katie Perry or how it could be used as anything other then a gimmick, I did however find myself tweeting the skirt and standing there waiting for my message to flash up on the material.

3)  Wishing wall

Artwork made from code in its most beautiful form. The wishing wall listens to your wishes writes them in lights (with a few spelling mistakes included) onto the wall before turning them into a butterfly and releasing them into a collection of other peoples wishes, creating a truly mesmerising display of hundreds of butterflies. Motion sensors even allow you to interact with your own butterfly wish before it is released.

4) Pyramidi

Some might say a 6ft tall 3D animated head of is to much however in this setting it was amazing! Created using projection mapping and an optical illusion created by a concave hole in the wall giving you the feeling that’s eyes are following you around the room. Alongside this are three robotic instruments performing his new song 'Dreamin' About the Future', written for this collaborative project created with Yuri Suzuki.

5) Assemblance

Assemblance from Umbrellium (Usman Haque and Nitipak), an atmospheric 3D interactive laser room was truly my highlight in a darken room with neon light beams you can actually manipulate and push around with your hands creating patterns and new lights beams on the floor, thus becoming completely immersed in this strange experience.

Although there is a vast amount to take in from this exhibition (most of it highly gimmicky) it is a fun way to spend a few hours and only touches on where the digital world is going. There are endless possibilities ahead in not only creative coding and gaming but in day to day life and the way we will interact with our surroundings. I recommend going!