Tokyo based artist, Azuma Makoto and John Powell of JP Aerospace have taken a 50 year old Japanese white pine bonsai  and an arrangement of flowers suspended from a carbon-fiber frame equipped with a balloon into space. Six GoPro cameras tied in a ball recorded the bonsai and the flowers’ filming their trip in 360 degrees. The outcome was some wonderful images. The contrast of the bright coloured flowers and the dark backdrop of space work perfectly. The project asks: "Roots, soil and gravity—by giving up the links to life, what kind of "beauty" shall be born?" I think the photos say it all, but I think John Powell (JP Aeronautics founder) says it best, "The best thing about this project is that space is so foreign to most of us, so seeing a familiar object like a bouquet of flowers flying above Earth domesticates space, and the idea of traveling into it."

View more images and learn more about the project here