We are very excited by the arrival of our three new Apple iBeacons, which are being hailed as the next big thing in improving customer experience. Moving on from scannable QR codes,iBeacons work by pushing content to your phone through apps.

iBeacons alter the content you receive depending on your proximity to the beacon. Forexample, 80 meters away from the beacon you could receive a welcome message - as you get closer you can receive a video clip or a song, and standing next to the beacon you can receive special offers on products. PayPal also have a beacon that will let you pay for goods without having to queue or swipe your card. And it’s not just iPhone users who benefit either - Android and Windows devices all support iBeacons in a battery-friendly way.

The beacons work using Bluetooth technology and can pinpoint where you are within 2cm. Businesses can now adapt their advertising based on where a customer is, allowing them to deliver highly targeted products, guide customers around their shop and provide extra details on products. Beacons can also be used in museums and galleries, telling you about each exhibit via your phone as you walk through.

The health sector is also using beacons to build new location-based marketing experiences.Project Boundary wants to help us make healthier choices throughout the day by placing beacons at key locations. The beacons can send out a message and use gamification to reward participants for responding. For example, a beacon next to a lift could suggest taking the stairs instead, which would result in unlocking an achievement and getting good feedback for making the healthier decision.

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