What does Halloween mean to you? Dressing-up? Trick-or-treating? Pumpkin carving? It is likely at least one of these answers came to mind, but what is the real meaning of Halloween and where did it come from?

Allhallowtide is a three-day Christian festive to commemorate the dead. Halloween or ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ being the first day of Allhallowtide.

Traditionally on All Hallows’ Eve people use humour and ridicule to confront death. Therefore, by dressing up as zombies, skeletons and ghosts we are taking part in this tradition.

The other two days of Allhallowtide have a more serious focus. All Saints’ Day is the day to honour the saints. All Soul’s Day is a day to honour relatives or close friends who have passed away.

The popularity of Halloween is no doubt growing, but are people taking the time to recognise All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day? Are you?

On a lighter note, please enjoy the results of our pumpkin carving!