In the spirit of fairness, it seems only right to take a look at Sainsbury’s Christmas advert. Like John Lewis, they have thrown everything they have at creating a heart-rending tear-jerker to create an emotional attachment between us and them this Christmas. Sainsbury’s advert, based on the story of the Christmas truce of 1914 is particularly topical. The timing couldn’t be better following on from the week’s World War One 100 year commemorations.

I have come across mixed responses to the advert. However, the most alarming being – ‘is that a true story? And ‘did they make that up? The Christmas truce is an amazing display of humanity during the horrors of war. It is stories like this that give you faith in humanity, and such a very important story for people to know. So if the Sainsbury’s advert has taught just one person about this – it is a good thing in my eyes.