We have all been there.

Whether it’s during an exam, writing a letter or simply doodling whilst you should have been paying attention, everybody’s hand cramps up from writing at some point or another.

There’s also the chore of having to find a stamp, locate the nearest post box and remind your fingers of those handwriting skills you learnt all those years ago.

Fortunately, a team in America have now combatted these issues and have developed robots that are able to mimic a person’s handwriting. Using an app, a message can be sent in and for a fee of £131, you can have your own personal handwriting copied.

The robots are, in effect, a high-tech update of the autopen machines used to recreate multiple signatures on documents. Now using updated software, the robots are able to write as quickly as humans, whilst mimicking their hand movements, but without the worry of getting tired or making mistakes.

Sonny Caberwal, founder of a New York City-based handwriting service, said, "We're not trying to fool people into believing that someone wrote the note for them. We're trying to give people a tool to express themselves in the way they want."

The robots aren’t necessarily confined to only personal letters either. Research suggests that they could also prove beneficial in the marketing world as well, following on from studies showing that people were much more likely to open handwritten letters.

To see the robot in action, click here.