How do you define a city? This is the question Mark Currie asked himself when he first set out to produce a film that offers a true perspective of London.

From the outset, it became clear to Mark and his team at Chocolate Films that each Londoner had their own personal perspective of what London represented to them individually. Mark consulted a statistician who told him that a survey of 1,000 people is a good sample size to give an accurate picture of London.

With this in mind, Mark and his team went out and started filming the perspectives and back stories of 1000 completely random people within London.

Each film is kept short at roughly three minutes long, with Mark anticipating that the overall length of all 1000 Londoners will be roughly the same as four seasons of Breaking Bad.

The project is only on its 64th Londoner, so there is still a long way to go. However, due to the hype that the documentary is beginning to get, a number of amateur filmmakers and other interested people are getting involved. Workshops have now been set up on a regular basis to enable people to learn the filmmaking skills needed to get across their own perspective.

The team at Chocolate Films follows three simple criteria when selecting their subjects:

1)    You have to be a Londoner – if you don’t claim to be a Londoner, then you aren’t one

2)    Everybody is as important as each other – there is no inequality in terms of title or celebrity status

3)    Everybody is interesting – nobody has a boring backstory

One key feature of this project is the ability of video to engage and inspire people’s imaginations around subjects that had not previously interested them. Video has become a major format in artistic projects and marketing strategies due to its ability to condense complex messages into an interesting and informative experience. It also stimulates multiple senses with minimal effort from the viewer.

Video will only get bigger as the emergence of 4G connectivity and more advanced devices makes it more accessible.

Once the documentary has been completed, it will offer a unique insight into London and the different lives of people there. Although it’s going to be a very long process, it is definitely one worth keeping an eye out for.

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