We are delighted to announce our ‘Hard to See, But Easy to Find’ campaign for Shire Pharmaceuticals has won four bronze awards and one silver at Friday’s PM Awards! ‘Hard to See, But Easy to Find’ is a disease awareness campaign for Gaucher disease. Being a very rare lysosomal disorder, Gaucher is hard for healthcare professionals to recognise and, as a consequence, is chronically under diagnosed. Shire strives to ensure all patients are diagnosed and treated as soon as possible, with their ethos being ‘to be as brave as the people they help’.

The resulting campaign stands out because of it aesthetic appeal and artistry. It combines photography with a number of sophisticated editing techniques to create the final illustration, capturing the sentiment of the problem perfectly.

The idea is based on the phrase ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’. Healthcare professionals struggle to diagnose Gaucher amongst other possible diseases that associated symptoms may point to. However once the disease is suspected, it is easy to diagnose with simple tests.

Our concept mirrors this idea. Initially it is hard to see the person within the picture but once you notice they are there, they are much easier to find.

The result is a beautiful campaign with a beautiful sentiment.

For more information on Gaucher disease please visit http://www.focusongaucher.co.uk